• Telescopic handle length of 15" to 45"

• Adjustable hoop tilts for easier catching

• Use any plastic bag 7" in diameter or larger, or purchase additional themed bags at www.dogpoopcatcher.com

• Compact and lightweight, constructed of durable stainless steel with a soft grip handle made of ABS plastic


Using the Dog Poop Catcher

• Plan ahead if possible! Know your dog's poop habits, such as when and where they like to poop in order to be best prepared

• Treat your dog with respect.  Let them become familiar and not fearful of the Dog Poop Catcher

• Keep your dog on a leash to keep them close by

• Attach the bag to the hoop by gathering the top edge of the bag then tuck it into the three clips located on the hoop

• When your dog is ready to poop, position the Dog Poop Catcher under their bottom to catch it!

• Praise your dog when you catch their poop

• Remove soiled bag and dispose of it properly

• Congratulations! No more picking up poop!